Thankful For Fibromyalgia? Are you kidding me?!

When I think about my Fibro I go through what is essentially the stages of grief.

1. Denial 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance. Anyone with chronic pain can tell you from day to day there are a wide range of mental emotional an physical challenges. I equate it to the Saw movies. You start with one problem which leads you to another, a doorway opens. Behind that door is another problem, and when you think you have a way to solve it, yet another door opens and you find yourself trapped. You wonder if you chose correctly. What was behind door #2? WAIT! Did you take one wrong turn or were they all wrong turns? Don’t I get a do over?! And is there a lesson in here at all or is someone playing a cruel and sadistic joke? Image

I have long cursed this body I am in but now finally being in the acceptance phase I have realized that maybe it isn’t a bad as I once thought. “Every cloud has a silver lining” really used to burn by butt!. Are you kidding!? Some things in life are just bad any way you cut it. Really bad. But I have realized what I tell others to do and think about a terrible situation is the very advice I should be taking myself. Of course if I could go back I would wish not to have it. I’d “bibbity bobbity boo” that sh*t right out of here! But I can’t. Not accepting it causes more stress..hence..more pain. I never would have decided to to get as involved with fitness and nutrition and as I have if it were not for Fibro. I had a fitness/running background, but strayed a bit. Even if I found way back without having chronic pain, it would merely be to feel good and get skinny, and that’s about as far as it would have gone I’m sure. I was pretty closed minded about fitness. Either you work out and you look good or you don’t and you get fat. If you don’t take care of yourself you deserve what you get. It pains me to say this but I am being honest.

Now that I look at nutrition and exercise as  valuable partners in the fight against pain , a critical step to a healthier life,  I have grown more understanding, more compassion, and feel like everyday is a new chance to learn and teach. I truly believe if you clean up your environment that is riddled with toxins you can feel better. I truly believe that if you clean up your diet you can feel better. I know for a fact although it seems counter intuitive AND counter productive exercise really can make you feel better. I have seen these results over and over and I implore you to keep trying and don’t give up. One minute, one mile, one marathon..even from the house to the corner is a stp in the right direction! As long as you are moving forward that’s what we are all about. Accepting no limits!Image

We have runners with CFS, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Epilepsy, Exercise induced asthma, Lupus, bulging discs, COPD, Crohns disease, as well as many others. They all have accepted that exercise is part of maintenance for chronic pain and although it is not easy they have committed to themselves and they are seeing the results.

So yes I have to say to a certainly large degree I am thankful for Fibro. Crazy I know. But if not for my Fibro, I never would have met my wonderful doctor, got certified as a trainer, or met many of the friends I have along the way. I never would have know the gratification of never giving up, or not accepting less. I would have never decided to take so many classes in nutrition, fitness, wellness  or learned the impact of organics and the environment on our bodies. I have been compelled to put myself out there on Facebook pages and groupsGoogle+, Myfitnesspal,  Twitter and even  this created this organization which I am hoping will turn into something larger than it is right now. Thank you Alysha at WickedMuddy  for the encouragement!!  It moved me to share my experience, take classes and spread the hope that there can be some quality of life in these bodies we have. We do have a choice.  Please choose wisely.

I will leave you with this from Patti Cockell Kaeding, a member on the Facebook page. I asked a few questions of many people  to gain a better prospective and she was one of the people kind enough to respond.

“1.  Yes,I have always been active – with walking my dog, cycling, sports, dance, etc.

2. I have always maintained whatever level of activity my body would allow – since I have always had a level of chronic pain, the diagnosis didn’t change it.
3. I accept what is….some days I can do more, others less…
4. I have been fortunate to have friends who also have Fibromyalgia   who are still active – this has given me a great support network. I met them through ballroom dance, which is a wonderful way to maintain the activity levels, as it doesn’t feel like exercise!
6. For newly diagnosed, or those afraid of making their pain worse…. start slowly, but keep trying – I have found that the less I do, the less I can do! As long as I stay somewhat active, I can better manage the pain, because then I am not only focused on it…. a strong social network is really important, & face-to-face contact is better than remote connections…. it allows me to feel more that I matter, and more human. I am then “better” than my illness.

Please feel free to use my name – if I can help even one person, it is worthwhile!”

Thank you Patti “Nuff said”!


10 thoughts on “Thankful For Fibromyalgia? Are you kidding me?!

  1. When I was first diagnosed with CFS (now an FMS diagnosis), and I came to the stage of realizing that I couldn’t continue my MA studies, we thought that the best thing to do for me would be to move in with my parents. It only took us a few months of being here to realize that I couldn’t have chosen a more unsuitable place! I don’t work and blessedly I don’t have to pay rent, but I am fairly certain that the high amounts of toxicity in this house are causing me to feel worse than I did when I was working part time and controlled my own apartment. I can’t convince my parents to change. Thankfully we are on our way out to a new place in a matter of months. I am so excited to start fresh and clean.

    • I do think you’re environment has a lot to do with how sever you’re symptoms can become. The toxicity as far a chemicals, dust, and emotional stress as well as diet. I know in your new place you have the opportunity to start fresh and really take some hold in how you want to move forward in healing. Please keep us updated!!

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  3. It is a calculated journey when it comes to Fibro/CFS…….If you notice what Patti writes about toxins. If you do this in steps, for example, #1- rid your home of toxins, #2- rid your food of toxins………..etc. It is a lot of work, but once you start to each one of these, step by step, YOU will notice a difference in how you feel.
    Now I am not saying it is going to “cure” you. What I am saying is, I totally agree with what she is sharing about ridding yourself of harmful toxins that are affecting our bodies in such a way that it is debilitating.
    I have started this process about 6 months ago and I have totally decreased my pain, stiffness, memory, fibro fog, sleepiness, attitude, outlook, IBS and over all health. It may be little changes, but they are changes in the direction I want! How about you? Wouldn’t you want to feel better? I know I did!

    • Can I quote you? LOL! I hear more often how it’s too much work, and people don’t want to put the time in. That was the first thing I did, clean the house out of all those things, then the food, then added exercise..You have to find a pace and be patient. I agree!! Who wouldn’t want to feel better?!

    • Laura, Can you share with us how you did this? Did you start with cleaners, replacing them with toxin free products or home made versions? How did you know what components in make-up and beauty products were not safe? And so forth? Did you have help or did you do it alone? My body is full of toxins and I am now at the point, I am forced to do something and soon. Your help would be much appreciated.
      Donna Davis Klesmith

      • Donna, books, google websites sites an ask people. I threw out all the bad plastic and replaced it with good plastic or glass. I got rid of chemical cleaners and either replaced them with natural products like Mrs Meyers, Method, or Seventh Generation or looked on line for how to make them home made. Its actually very easy. Same with shampoo, lotion, laundry detergent, anything you can possibly think of. With make up same thing, look for minerals, organics and naturals. You could get an air purifier for the room you spend the most time in (usually the bedroom). There are a lot of resources out there just make sure you double check any information you find and plan to implement. I even ripped out the carpet and put laminate down to reduce the allergens and dust mites we inhale everyday. Not everyone can do that, but anything you can do is step in the right direction🙂 Good luck!

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